Chris Niarchos: The man and the vision

Chris Niarchos started off in direct marketing in 1987, at the young age of twenty two. He launched his business in Sydney, Australia and had as his vision building his company into the world’s largest and most successful Sales and Marketing Company.

Chris began with the consumer products industry, treading cautiously but with confident steps, determined to make it and break all conventions with his offbeat ideas and ways. He got together a team of like-minded marketing enthusiasts and together they worked day and night, knitting individual dreams into a collective fabric that eventually overtook the whole of the world and came to be known as the Appco Group.

Appco Group now pans 25 countries in five continents, and Chris, with base camp now in U.K, heads the billion dollar enterprise. We are not at all surprised when Mike Blane, his trusted associate and Managing Director of the company says, “The world is changing…We have grown from being in one country, Australia, 23 years ago, to the massive global reach we now enjoy across 25 countries…If we want to expand into even more new territories going forward then we need to adapt. It is not enough that we are a world-leading direct marketing company- if we want to continue to thrive then we need to maintain standards as we grow.”

Yes, Appco Group grows and strives to maintain standards as it grows. Chris Niarchos is still very much the epitome of energy and passion that he was at the beginning of the journey and invests in people and businesses, harnessing their potential through his unique partnership approach.
For Chris Niarchos and his Appco Group, the saga of success continues…